• Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) projects

  • Original Equipment  Manufacturer (OEM) projects

  • Compliance to International Standards: Sustainability, Labor Requirements, Safety Requirements, Supply Chain Transparency, UL, ETL, CSA, CE, GS, Rohs, REACH

  • Basic Quality Tools: Checksheets, Hostograms, Graphs, Scatter Diagrams, Pareto Analysis, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Control Charts

  • Quality is Everyone's Responsibility

    -- Dr. Edwards Deming

  • Cost is more important than quality but quality is the best way to reduce cost.

    -- Genichi Taguchi


  • Quality Control starts and ends
  • with training
  • ---Kaoru Ishikawa


Our mission is to supply value to the ultimate consumer customer.  To achieve this, everyone in the Supply Chain must be educated and trained to do the job right at the first time and every time with appropriate Quality Tools within our A.R.C.M.E.D. framework.  An ARCMED online Supply Chain Management system with traceability, customer complaints, corrective actions and documentation functions is under development.

(Please be informed that we are not taking new customers at this stage.)


** We are adding preventive measures to the process management to assure all operations           staffs and workers are vaccinated and screened periodically.