• Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) projects

  • Original Equipment  Manufacturer (OEM) projects

  • Compliance to International Standards: Sustainability, Labor Requirements, Safety Requirements, Supply Chain Transparency, UL, ETL, CSA, CE, GS, Rohs, REACH

  • Basic Quality Tools: Checksheets, Hostograms, Graphs, Scatter Diagrams, Pareto Analysis, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Control Charts

  • Quality is Everyone's Responsibility

    -- Dr. Edwards Deming

  • Cost is more important than quality but quality is the best way to reduce cost.

    -- Genichi Taguchi


  • Quality Control starts and ends
  • with training
  • ---Kaoru Ishikawa


We are adding preventive measures to the process management to assure all operations staffs and workers are vaccinated and screened periodically.


Agile teams and lean operations to continuously supply values to the customers, partners and other stakeholders.


All operation processes are rationalized to increase effectiveness and cost optimization.


  • Our convergence will erase the boundaries between our partners from different industries.
  • All Manufacturing and Supply Chain partners who are not in Competition Industries will meet to share knowledge and experience to benchmark Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Material Review Board (MRB) will group similar materials of all partners and collectively contract purchasing them to get the best material cost.
  • Convergence synergy provides tangible and intangible benefits by converging knowledge at all levels. 


  • Policy Management (Hoshin).
  • Rationalized Process Management on 5M (Material, Man, Machine, Method, Measurement) Management.
  • 5S – Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) and Lean Manufacturing.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) – Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility.
  • Rationalized Quality Cost Management – Doing things Right at First Time and Every Time, Quality is the best way to reduce cost.
  • Knowledge Management and Continuous Value Improvement Programs


Striving Excellence with Best Practices and Continuous Improvements (Kaizen) at all areas of the manufacturing operations with Supply Chain Visibility and Compliance to all International Quality and Safety Standards. All levels of staffs are trained with using appropriate Quality Tools.

Due Diligence

To assure all partners have the same vision and mission to supply the best value to the ultimate consumer customers, due diligence review will be conducted before entering into partnership relationship. Due Diligence review will also be conducted periodicallyto assure compliance.