• Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) projects

  • Original Equipment  Manufacturer (OEM) projects

  • Compliance to International Standards: Sustainability, Labor Requirements, Safety Requirements, Supply Chain Transparency, UL, ETL, CSA, CE, GS, Rohs, REACH

  • Basic Quality Tools: Checksheets, Hostograms, Graphs, Scatter Diagrams, Pareto Analysis, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Control Charts

  • Quality is Everyone's Responsibility

    -- Dr. Edwards Deming

  • Cost is more important than quality but quality is the best way to reduce cost.

    -- Genichi Taguchi


  • Quality Control starts and ends
  • with training
  • ---Kaoru Ishikawa


We examine, assess, diagnosis, prescribe remedy, give wellness advice to the wellness of your Supply Chain and lead the Manufacturing Partners to keep the Supply Chain at Optimal Health.

Manufacturing Excellence Development (MED)

– We firmly believe that GOOD QUALITY could only come from manufacturing which includes the upstream material suppliers. To supply the Best Value to the ultimate customers – the consumers, we must work with the manufacturing partners to achieve Manufacturing Excellence.

Since the Quality Revolution in 1980’s, we have been serving our American and European demand partners to source products and parts from Asia Pacific region. We have been working with Manufacturers of:
  • Different sizes & Manufacturing Capabilities: small manufacturers of few people to manufacturers with over one thousand workers; manual operations with workers with basic educatiuon only to fully automated electronic assemblies with post secondary and university educated staffs.
  • Different product categories – Auto Parts, Houseware, Healthcare, Lighting, Toys, Electronic Assemblies, Electrical goods, Tools
  • Different Technologies – Plastic Moldings, Electronic Assemblies, Electro Mechanical Assemblies, LED/Smart Lighting, Metal Stamping, Metal Casting, Weaving, Sewing, Printing ….
  • Different Cultures

Irrespective of all the differences, all manufacturings are following the similar processes of preparing and cooking of a good meal – the need to have the right materials, trained cook, clean working utensils, correct cooking methods, and accurate measurements.  All manufacturing partners are trained with Process Quality Management of the 5M’s (Material, Man, Machine, Method, Measurement) and effective communications to the operators. To strive for Manufacturing Excellence Development (MED), we will train and lead the manufacturing partners to conduct continuous Value Improvement programs in addition to the routine process management.

With the advance in technology, we have seen the need to use digital and internet technologies to supply better value to our customers and better communications between all partners since 2010.  We started our ARCMED program with the consolidation of manufacturing partners and process rationalization before digitalization and automation.

Online module of ARCMED:

  To prevent GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out, we must make sure the data fed into our systems is correct.  The operations of the Manufacturing Partners collect most of the basic data.  With the hyperspeed of the internet, GIGO will be chaotic.  The different language barriers and the education of the factiory operators are the challenges to the Manufacturing Partners whom we need to work with to collect and input the right data.

During the pandemic period, it is infeasibile for the customers to visiit our manufacturing partners.  ARCMED will also be used as a communication tool with our customers and Manufacturing Partners.

Recognition module of ARCMED medal:

to recognize our Manufacturing Excellence Developers

Quality and Value start with Manufacturing.  Our experience working with hundreds of manufacturers in different industries,  An excellent manufacturing partner could contribute 80% of the value of the product.  A manufacturer could only be our Manufacturing Partner after passing our due diligence review and quality audit.  Each Manufacturing Partner has to conform to the customer’s requirements with their shipments.  Based on their opearational and shipment performance, we will identify the potential Manufacturiing Excellence Developers with the customers.

Each of our Manufacturing Partners who meet our Manufacturing Excellence Development criteria is an ARC of our Total Circle of Manufacturing Excellence Delivering Best Value to our Customers and the Consumers. We are developing an ARCMED medal to recognize these Manufacturing Excellence Developers who need to be audited annually to maintain the ARCMED medal.

We are adding preventive measures to the process management to assure all operations staffs and workers are vaccinated and screened periodically.